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You made a point

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Then ig the wii has to grow its community and get more hardcore gamers.

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I lol'd. that's a perfect meme face combination

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i know but i used to have xbox and then i wanted to get rid of it because of the paying online so i decided to get wii but only the map packs are the thing that we need because there are lots of more coming in these months and thats sad for us

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Map packs would be so good

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Denial of access?

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It's unfair until you realise it's not Activisions fault, it's your fault for buying a Wii because you should have known Nintendo has strict download limits. The maximum is 40MB, and you can't get a map back with 40MB. You MAY be able to get a single map per download, but Activison aren't willing to do such a thing for the Wii.

At the end of the day, people pay for these map packs- you're nopt paying, therefore you're not losing anything.

Feel better that your version of MW3 doesn't have silly nooby Predator Missiles and has much better and more customizable controls.

For Wii, I genuinely don't think I could ask for more with this game, although they could add a brightness setting.

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SpeedStarTMQ wrote:

MW3 doesn't have silly nooby Predator Missiles

Oh we have them, we're not supposed to, but thanks to hackers we have them..

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