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so in Robert  Bowlings recent interview with MCV he said "in MW3 it will not only include new maps, but also new guns and other content." if this is true i think it will be an awesome new addition to the cod series. let me know what you guys think if you think it would be too noobish or if it would be somethinng cool to try out?

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Not sure how adding weapons via DLC will work...

That's my opinion but it should be yours ;-),
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Why do people keep thinking that is what he means? People really need some english comprehension classes, if they think that.

Also DO NOT use quotation marks when you start changing words in a quote. That is not how it works.

Real quote:

“…We’ll be using that information to introduce even more game modes and playlists to players, so not only are you getting new content, maps and weapons that players want, but also a heap of ongoing new content well after launch.”

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So there will be weapons in the DLC "new content, maps and WEAPONS that playes want"?

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when he say weapons I don't think handguns or machine gun for the multiplayer parts I think for the survival parts of the games like they did with zombie in every map they introduce new weapons. if the do that would suck and it be kind of unfare for the people who dont get the DCL if you have a better weapons and elite member will have them for moths before other players

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First rule of following the Stealth Clown is to remember, he is constantly putting his own perverted spin on the issues.  I would take the weapon's DLC comment with a grain of salt and move on.

"There is no last stand / 2nd Chance in this game", yet he somehow failed to acknowledge final stand.  Maybe one of the more classic Stealth Clown comments subject matters of all time.

Now as far as weapons in DLC?  I don't know how kosher I am with this.  Having EliteSmiley Tonguero is not supposed to provide any sort of tactical advantage over the competition, but if a DLC weapon that comes out is particularly good, and non EliteSmiley Tonguero users can't get said weapon until the DLC is available to them...oh wait, it was the Stealth Clown that said COD:Elite won't be providing tactical advantages over the competition.  Damn, just broke my own 1st rule.



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