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"Invicible man hack"

Recently more and more have been hacking online, running around invicible and cannot be killed. A quick look at the leaderboards will tell you that 95% of the top 1000 is cheating. This is obvious. Why are there not being done anything to fight this? I have contacted both Activision and Infinity Ward on this matter, but not gotten any answer yet.

This is the mail I sent to Activision.

Consoll: Xbox 360

Hello Activison. Big fan of your series. Im having a strong issue with the neglecting of MW3 on Xbox Live. The game is slowly destroying itself because lack of fighting cheaters. This is your responsibility, as well as Infinity Ward and Microsoft. I find it very weird that you do not try to resolv this issue. A 2 minute look will show that the top 350 players on the leaderboards are hackers. And that is just the top of the iceberg. I have seen a similar develompent on the previous games in the COD series. To me it seems like you guys stop fighting them, as soon as a new game is out. This makes the old games unplayable, and forces people to play your new games. Is this the case? I think this trend is very scary. You have published in my opinion the best FPS game ever made. But you give now effort to preserve it. I have offcourse filed many complaints on the many cheaters, but nothing seems to be done. "The invicible man" cheat is now being used almost every fifth game I play. Is there anything you can do about this, or do you not wish to, forcing me to play your new and inferior games? This seems to me to be a greedy and sad choice if this is the case. I am right now very disappointed, and feel that I am not getting my money worth for what I paid for. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me now. It would be a tragedy to see such a game be destroyed. Sorry for my english, it is not my first language. On a side note: I do not expect a respons. My image of you guys have been lowered by time. If nothing will be done, then you will loose one customer in me. I guess you guys will still sleep at night, but never the less. I hope who ever is reading this, that what ever you do, have a good day at work, and much luck in career and love. Sincerly, frustrated customer.

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