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Today is July 15, give the Op talk a rest. The game has been out for 8 months

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Re: "Overpowered" Weapons

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They said that they would be updating the game even after the release of BO2. And right now is actually a good time to be disscusing weapon balance because we have a large weapon rebalance coming up very soon.

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Re: "Overpowered" Weapons

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My god..!

The world is NOT black and white.

SOME players are of a similar skill level.

Bad players are of similar skill level.

If one bad player use the AK47 and another the ACR -- the guy using the ACR will win more.

If two good players are up against eachother, and one use the CM901 and the other Type 95 -- the guy using the Type 95 has a MASSIVE advantage.
Simply using ACR or even G36C gives you a huge advantage over AK47 or CM901.


By all means, a good player using an AK47 will win against bad players.
He will struggle against decent players.
He will lose against smart players that aren't as skilled as himself.

He will be raped in the butt by players that are as good as himself.

I don't want weapons to be the same.

I just want justice -- balance.

IF a weapon fires much slower than another and has worse damage, than another weapon it needs something to make up for it.

Rate of fire:
ACR > AK47 > CM901

ACR > AK47 > CM901

Short range damage:

ACR ~= AK47 = CM901

Long range damage
ACR > AK47 = CM901
(ACR always kills in one hit in hardcore, and kills in one hit less on long range with one headshot -- unlike the other rifles)

Reload fucking times:
ACR > CM901 > AK47


Why doesn't the AK47 and CM901 have higher damage on long range OR considerably much longer range -- like 60 meters before they need four hits to kill?
Why doesn't the ACR have a meaningful lower damage on short range?


Then let's compare MP5 with MP7:

Rate of fire:
MP7 > MP5

MP7 ~= MP5

MP7 >>>> MP5

Magazine fucking size:

MP7 > MP5

Reload times:

MP5 > MP7


How about UMP vs PP90M1?

Damage: Same
Rate of fire: PP90M1 is miles better

Recoil: Impossible to tell any difference
PP90M1 has a massive magazine to boot.

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Re: "Overpowered" Weapons

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If could not agree with you more adw.

Some people refuse to see that skill and usually lag do not change whether one gun is better then other. There isn't some kind of unlock a skilled players gets that changes the stats on a bad weapon to make it better the others. Whatever you can do with a MP5 you can do better with a P90. Whatever you can do with a AK47 and CM901 you can do better with an ACR. Whatever you can do with a PKP you can do better with a L86. This is the concept of balance and unbalance. There should be no weapons that are completely better than another or better than another period. When you have unbalance you decrease the games gun variety and shorten its life span. 

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