someone reset my level in COD modern warfare 3


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Just keep playing, the little douchebags can derank you and mess up your stats but the only hacks they can use is prestige lobbies and minimap hack, i also suggest to play xbox instead of ps3 because creating another acc is easy and ps3 is just more hack accesible..


I still play mw2 17k kills 1st prestige ( didnt prestige much) and still have all my stats since day one. 


On xbox will brick your console, delete your acc and perma ban you. Ps3 is hackers paradise. Ps3 lobby full of hackers xbox lobby legit. Microsoft is more strictor. 


Idk if it pisses you off that much get ww2/bo3bo4/mwr ALL of those games have dedicated servers so you will never get deranked.  Put in a 10th lobby or do with the usaully abotting an whacking. Gmode ect. 




I honestly feel your pain cod4 got hacked right before mw2 release, i wanted to get 100k kills but sadly only got half, last time i played it was 2009 55k kills 2.04 kd 8th prestige level 47.



Best advice i can give

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While i was playing MW3 I met a hacker in the game. So I left the lobby because I didn't want to get banned.

So then I got off but on the next day I got back on and I was level 1 prestige 0. When I was previously prestige 11 or 12 level 3/4.

How do I get my Stats back?

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