stalker vs steady aim for shotguns

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Yes I think we are being a little perdantic here...

"Kinda Quickscope" I think we all know that he means the kinda same action as a qs i.e. ADS and Shoot in the same way you do with a Sniper rifle...

YES this does work with the shotties, and by work I ,mean it does exploit the game's mechanics in the same way a Sniper qs does...

It also works with other set ups, but I won't be the first to say what on here as I don't want to encourage the further use of this cheap technique (the qs technique)...

It's bad enough that the game is full of children c*ntscoping with Snipers. The community doesn't need a bunch of people doing it with shotties and other set ups...

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i find dead silence to be a better perk than quickdraw. With shotguns it is all about getting close for the ohk. i also found minimal advantage with steady aim so deadsilence became my prefered 3rd tier perk.

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they arent in the same tier though, so what is the best 2nd tier? iid say assassin just because its a shotgun...

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2nd tier def assassin over quickdraw and sorry i meant stalker not quickdraw

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I think Assassin is the best second tier perk for shotguns but Steady Aim and DeadSilence are the two best thrid tier perks

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Steady aim and hipfiring is the only way to go for me. There's no added accuracy from adsing, but some people struggle with lining up hipfire shots correctly. Just takes getting used to.

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Steady aim combines 2 far more usefull abilities than stalker provides.  1.  The obvious effective range increase that a tighter spread can give.  2.  The faster aim out of sprinting negates the need for quick draw or stalker becase you can fire out of sprinting remarkably fast.

The primay effect of stalker is only somewhat usefull because you can learn to use a shotgun's hipfire to a better effect than ads.  And its secondary effect of delaying motion trigger explosives does not supplant steady aim's abilities.  This is especially true when there is sitrep which makes eplosive traps of all kinds a non issue and provides the added benefit of the ability to sound whore any one at any time.

In the face of the raw effectiveness boost that steady aim gives and the data gathering ability that sitrep provides, stalker may as well not exist. 

Hard to argue with the long range performance that a steady aim enhanced hipfire can grant.

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I never use a shotgun with steady aim. Never. I've always used dead silence because, to me, staying undetected until you take your shot is the only way to effectively use a shotgun and achieve near a 3 k/d in TDM. I already have the odds stacked against me just for using a shotgun, I'm not going to make it any more difficult. I have plently of clips of me getting hipfired by guys with guns like the ACR even though I got two hitmarkers with a pump action shotgun(with damage). When that happens, which is usually multiple times a game, I just set the controller down and take a five second timeout.

On another note, I also do the "quickscoping" tactic that you mentioned when I use shotguns. I've found it to be the most effective way to use pump shotguns since COD4. It really only works because of the aim assist that you get for ADS with any gun.

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Steady Aim and the USAS-12 is the best combination and Dead Silence with the Ksg

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