we need a Knockout turnament to replace the score collection clan operations

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The amount of underhanded unsportsmanlike behaviour and so called tactics as well as straight up boosting and cheating in the score based clan ops has convinced me we need a KO turnament. I invision a turnament where the teams are registered ahead of the turnament and over say the 3 hour period you play continuios game after game untill you have the simi finalists. at this point anouther 3 hour session takes place and the simi finalists get a two game KO. then the finalist would have a 3 KO game and then a champ game where the top two play a 7 game 4 wins takes it. this would return a sense of excitment, remove the overwhelming exploitation of honest competitions . remove the superior advantage a large clan has over the many small ones. It would introduce the element of chance and luck back to the competitions. Lastly it would be a great boon to the friday night fights in that either champs or even finalists competitions could be reported and or played out on the show

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