whats classed as a good accuracy ?

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For everyone saying accuracy is a meaningless stat I disagree completely.

I'm not saying it's the end all be all but it is important.  A person with higher accuracy is more likely to get shots on target quicker and will have that "lock on" type of aim.

Although it can be lowered by doing things like drop shotting, halo jumping, pre firing etc.  It's still important.

My accuracy is pretty bad.  It's been bad in every cod besides MW2 where I had an 18%.

Mw3 Accuracy- 14% 2.53 K/D

Blops Accuracy- 15% 2.92 K/D

If I'm always at the advantage on the enemy though it doesn't matter what my accuracy is.  I do find myself dying from time to time because someone was able to get shots on target before I was.

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The reason its unimportant is because its deceiving. Maybe I spend too much time shooting at walls where I think people are behind them. Maybe I prefire too much, or shoot a it ppl much after a kill, maybe I use steady aim more, or maybe I just randomly fire for whatever my reasons. These are all figured into accuracy. The guns all have their own accuracy , and I have always believed that lag figures into it in a significant way. Too many variables to say its a meaningful stat. Whereas I feel confident in stating that if you're a 1.01+K/D in TDM, that you're providing a meaningful differnce in the game.

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Don't worry about the accuracy stats in-game...  elite keeps track of accuracy on each weapon and that's what will actually mean something.

For a full auto gun you should be in the 20-25% range.

For a single shot gun you should be in the >50% range.

This is just my opinion, but I really think if you're much below those numbers your game could benefit a lot by taking the time to aim your shots effectively.  I'm not saying it makes you a bad player, but just that you haven't reached your full potential yet.

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Well all I can say is the best players I know also have the highest accuracy rate aroud 22%. Mine is about 17%. The wost on my list is about 7% and he's pretty bad. It's not the defining factor in determining skill but it is A factor.

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I just tried to find mine on elite but cant see it anywere

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Make sure you're in "Career", click "MW3 Player Card", and then scroll all the way to the bottom to the "Weapon Performance" section.

If it's not there, it might be an Elite Premium feature, idk.

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the points about lag affecting accuracy is true. I recently moved and had to change ISP's my accuracy took a dive from 19.80% to a 16.41% in the matter of 2 weeks.

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Ive got a 3kd and 28.7 accuracy, I'd say anything above a 25 means you win 9/10 fair gun fights 


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