why do people go to prone in CQC?

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it doesnt make you any harder to hit, any one with a brain can aim down. why do people do it? it just plain looks stupid

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I would think it is because players are more tuned to looking straight ahead and stafe shooting, not looking and shooting at the ground. I am by no means a drop shooter, but dropping to the deck does have its advantages.

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Just changed my controller to tactical bout a week ago, (blame jnasty lol) and it WORKS a loads better for me.

I also noticed that I when I first changed I was quite heavy on my thumb ( I didnt realize how much I was PUSHING DOWN  on the right stick) and it made me think bout when I used to get into CQC and wanted to shoot someone but id stab instead and then die ,lol (you know the situation im talking bout). So as  a bi-product of changing my button layout it stops me doing the stab thing when I should be shooting.

Basically, what Ive noticed is although I dont really get knife kills any more, Im getting many more kills and winning more gun fights.

It works great for me.

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I'd rather them go prone than bounce around like a bloody kangaroo!

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Drop shot

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You would be surprised how many people can't shoot you quick enough when you hit the ground right in front of them. Just a few days ago I drop shot a couple people in a row in the span of 15 or so seconds and I killed them by shooting them in their feet. Their feet were literally taking up most of my screen they were so close.

I don't think they realized when they encounted me within 10 feet that I was a enemy cause I hit the ground so fast..........lol

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Because they are curling into the fetal postion at the mere sight of your awesomeness?

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When it becomes second nature to drop shot, you win almost every surprise CQB encounter. Only time it backfires is when you are not on a level surface or the person runs past you completely and you wind up prone blocked. Usually though I can swivel and hipfire them in the feet. lol.

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