why i cannot play with people from other countrys?

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I cannot play 24/7 because in my country no too many people have xbox360 YOU SHOULD DO just one server like in Black Ops

in Black Ops I play with people from mexico south america US even europe but with this server of MW3 i just can play with people from my country and in 3 days of playing i have meet every single player of MW3 in my country and that sucks!!!!!

you really got to fix the server form this game!!!!!

Do not divide the matchs in countrys let play everyone with everyone from any country!!!!!!!

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Yeah I had this issue to, I seem to be able to actualy play online now. I still dont think it should be locked to the country if they wanna lock it it should be the americas / eu / asia. Tho you should get the option to play anyone around the world. Thats the fun about onlie gaming you can play somone on the other side of the world, maybe even get to know them..

They will kill social if they keep the lock on the countries.

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