A hacker deranked me and a friend, help please?

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A hacker deranked me and a friend, help please?

So I (gamertag ForsakenPhantom) and a buddy (gamertag DavidGriphphin) decided to play some CoD 4 today. We got into a few game with no issues. Now i understand that there are hackers about, and normally they are just a minor inconvenience, however, today something different happened. Long story short, we killed a few enemies and the all of a sudden received - 500,000 exp points. This didn't really bother us but we realized after a couple more kills that our level had been reset to 1. We immediately left the game, hoping it was a lobby based hack. But sadly it wasn't. So now I am stuck at a pseudo level 44 (i was level 44 and he was a level 52) for the next 428,000 +  exp. This is really frustrating. I just want my level and exp back, and don't want to have to go through tons of not leveling exp to run the risk of it happening again.

All i ask is the have my exp reset and my level returned to 44 (you can check my character, i just unlocked dead silence) my friend wants the same, but we figured we would make one post with both accounts instead of two separate posts.

My gamertag (ForsakenPhantom)

His Gamertag (Davidgriphphin)

Please help, thank you.

Ps. we didnt happen to see which person had done it, we left the lobby too quickly to really check.

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