Are we working backwards?

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Hey guys, hope all is well. So before I jump on this hype train(and yes I am praying COD MW is as good as it looks) I want to question you guys. I like a lot of changes they are doing with this game; however, one thing I can not seem to understand is why are they not allow flag caps, etc count towards a killstreak? I have heard people who played the game say the killstreaks are very powerful. But I dont miss the days where kids would sit back in dom, headquarters, CTF and go for kills instead of playing the obj and actually be exp successful. I feel as if this is working backwards towards some great accompplishments the series has made. Am I alone feeling like this? 

Honestly I would love if obj gametpes didnt even say your kills or deaths on the score board (unless its TDM). Example: Domination - Show denials, and caps. 

What you guys think? Anything else you feel is working backwards?

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