Are you interested in joining a very good clan?

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Are you interested in joining a very good clan?

If you are looking for a clan that may be the right place for you then look no farther.

Nightmare is always looking for some new members to recruit to help us grow as a whole clan and unit.

All that we ask if you would like to join is that you meet these few standards:

1. That you are at least 17 years old

2. That you have a K/D ratio of at least 1.20

3. You are able to take orders, give orders, communicate during gameplay and are online on a consistent basis

4. That you have a working xbox 360 mic (no kinect mics)

5. That you play Modern Warfare 3

These are very basic and easy standards that we have we are also a very easy going clan and we win games, thats what we strive to do, win.

If you are interested in joining Nightmare message me (kjculp93) or AvEnGeDSvNFoLD on the xbox 360 or reply to this message.

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