Call of duty Modern Warfare 2019 question - language options?

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 I have been checking the supported languages for this upcoming game of 2019 and have an inquiry about it.


If for example I pre order ot buy the new game in let's say Japan, will I still be able to choose the language of the menu, interface, audio, subtitles etc within the game?


Even if bought in Japan could I just simply choose one of the languages that are supported?


or is the language locked to the country in which you bought it? (I really hope it's not language restricted)


language lock is a horrible thing for players who don't have the option to customize the game to match their needs.

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Id love to know this too. I live in Spain and only want to play it in English. No English, No buy!!! I bought Black Ops 4 from Spanish Playstation Store and it only had Italian and spanish so was forced to import from UK. payed double for the same game. Crap stuff

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