Crash everytime after the latest update

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The game crashed everytime after the update and just return to desktop without any error message
Is there anyone experiencing the same condition ><


I5-4460, GTX 1080 Ti, 8G ram with latest win 10 64bit updates

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I had that same. I buy game yesterday and also i had that problem. Game stop working. Audio going but repeat every 1min that same and only what can i do its stop game on task manager. Nice game.... 

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Hi, sadly I have no solution.

But I just want to  say that I'm experiencing the EXACT same thing.

Before the yesterday patch, my game was running just fine. Now the game keeps crashing while playing multiplayer without any error message. Just a simple crash to desktop. Even when I'm relaunching the game, I don't have any message asking me that the game didn't quit correctly and if I want to start in safe-mode.

Can we please have a technician that can give us a pist of solution :/

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