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Then I got a problem with CALL OF DUTY 4 also went into a room where there were few people, and after making a few kills, I realized that my experience points were lost as well, when they killed some contestants took me -500,000 thus leaves the map, when I went to see was many negatives and not get into the game. I was at level 46, I just want my experience points again, because it is not right "players" do this sort of thing against unsuspecting players. I hope you can help me, because I love the game and want to continue playing. Thanks for now!

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this can happen bcus the game came out in 2007 in now 2013 iw stoppin watching over cod 4 when mw2 came out there is nothing u can do to get ur points back but play the game. i have over 25 days played on that game so u can replay for years.

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