I've come to ***** on the ass hat who added CS GO ideas into this game

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*****ing bull ***** u ass clowns cant make your own original content i played the alpha on ps4 and its such n*r ***** u ass holes took CS GO content and put into the game, voice over/refrences, "show him a proper english beating" lmfao CS GO content right there. if u wanna play battlefield you'll go get a battlefield game, if u wanna play  CS GO you buy COD MW ....molotoves and the deagle go ***** urselves with ur rainbow dlidlo bongs druggy scumbags who cant come up with original *****. completely ruined the entire game with that small % of trash right there put a fucikng fortnite easter egg in it while ur at it why dont u 

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Apparently this individual has never played COD before.

Such things (or quips from characters) have always been in the game...in fact they've been shooters before CSGO.
Molotov's....have been in the game before....the Deagle....again an absolute staple weapon of the series.

But I too like to randomly rant about anything just for the attention I don't get IRL.
Side note...this game is more Rainbow Six then it is CS go but I wouldn't suspect you to know that based on his lack of knowledge
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