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So currently if you leave a game early on any COD it counts as a loss. 


But one thing that isnt taken into account is your CONNECTION. 


If i join a game and my team and the opposition are all running full green bars, and im running a connection thats ONE RED BAR and i checked this because just a few seconds into the match i was obviously getting killed so easily it was a connection issue...


i choose to leave that game IN THE FIRST MINUTE say of the game, if the connection could be taken into account, and i left the game early enough and that could also be taken into account...


This should not be counted as a loss and recorded against my stats. 


Leaving the game later on in the match, fair enough, record it as a loss. 

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i agree, -although i dont really care about those stats, since most modes you are dependant on team-, i have left games where the lag was obvious pre-spawn and still got a loss (not talking about alfa, but cod in general)

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