Map design and gun balance.

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So... I've got almost 3 days of playtime on the game with a win loss of 1.65 and 2.5 kd Max level. I am a veteran player that came back to the franchise. Please,please and please. You have to change these maps they're bad and boring.There's no other way to put it and I don't see alot of people talking about map being the issue. There is too many angles in the open with little to no cover to cross open areas. You can't rush in 6v6 and you also cannot snipe. You're forced to play smg or assault with the way the lanes are in these maps (if you want to do good) Spawns are still bad and even after the nerf today for the M4 and shotgun they're still too powerful. I'm getting outgunned by them at medium to long range and I'm playing with the Scar and AK-47 that's supposed to pump more damage at long range than they do and I'm not missing most of the time. Me and my friends (we've been playing cod since the first Xbox) and we really feel that if you'd bring original maps from cod4,MW2 and MW3 ASAP it would save the game for the veterans. The maps are the biggest issue for us so far. I've tried the new ones and still not close to the original series. Just hear me out please! I don't want to go play battlefield I want a good call of duty! This game will keep us playing IF we get good new maps or original maps from previous titles. Otherwise even with all the fixes you want, it won't change the maps that are in the game right now and it's killing the game for us. Thank you for taking time to read this. I know it's a long post but that's where I'm standing in the game right now.

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It's ridiculous.  Today alone I have died at the spawn like 45 times and sometimes I die 7 times one after the other immediately after pressing the spawn button.  This game is a mess.  Everything is poorly designed.  I really hope they fire whoever came up with this garbage.

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