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WIll there be a HC mode?

Will we have a decent amount of modes?

So far this game is a hard pass for me. Guys I play with that went 1.00 kd or lower for an entire decade of CoD have now somehow went as high as 10KD over a weekend of MW alpha?!?  BS. The current algorithm seems to regulate the playing field with a strong tilt towards timmy no thumbs and the rest of us be damned.

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in reply to stalker4hire-
I assume yes.

It was an Alpha. They only really wanted to get some server time and showcase a "new" mode a few 2v2 maps and weapons couldn't judge much from it at the end of the day.

As for the whole K/D thing....Considering you couldn't even check stats, it's a complete waste of a statement.

Less People to kill/be killed by usually means it's incredibly easy to fluctuate your ability. You could just go 10-1 over the course of a single 2v2 game and "have a 10 K/D"

I've always maintained that hyperbole for the sake of hyperbole completely discredits your numbers.
If someone has been playing COD for a Decade and they've been an Average player the entire time they will not suddenly become jesus of COD.

I've been playing COD since COD4 I hold about a 2.5-4.5(MW3) from game to game. Unsurprisingly...once I finally got used to the new mechanics in the short bursts we have time to see them in a 2v2 match. I started figuring the guns I liked how people were playing the maps and I was flowing around that mark.

I think someone was feeding you lies
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