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     Hello, this is a thread that I would like to dedicate to this saddening news I have just heard. This road of censorship that you are planning to head down, is not a good nor wise choice. This is not an opinion of mine, but as a matter of fact. I cannot bear the thoughts of such an amazing game with major potential to have some of its top, finest qualities torn down by the media and those who wish to hide away from life and facts of war. The game itself is ment to portray the gruel, dirtywork that those who have fallen and those who have lived to tell the tale have done for our sake and for our own cause. Activision, I humbly ask of you, as a major fan of the Call of Duty Franchise, to not censor anything within this campaign. I don't want another brilliant work of art that your astounding minds have come up with, to just be shattered and controlled by the media; who frankly, the people of America and the world with common sense wouldn't care about. The media is honestly an enemy to this world, they try anything they can do to get ratings, money, and to basically stay afloat above the competition. No matter how many pointless and ridiculous articles are made before and during and after this game has been released and played, just know that their opinions do not matter at the end of the day. They use their undeserving power to do with what they will, and it is (just like that guy Dean said) FRIGHTENING.


     I, personally, will love this game for what it is, not what the moronic people and media of the world want it to be. A game that has a set goal, such as yours, to portray the reality of things, should and cannot be censored for these weak individuals whom can't even take critique at face value. I want this game to be in its full sheer glory. It's naked reality with no coverups. Its own realm of game that it has been portrayed to become. Activision, if you take this leap of faith to make games the way they should be made, imagine all the others who follow suit to your bravery against this brittle modern world. I am sure that many others will take your lead and do with what they will with the brain power and imagination bestowed upon them, and make an amazing game; just like ones we used to know.


     Even though I am just one of millions upon millions of your playerbase, I think my voice should be heard and I think it should be noticed by you. I want what is best for this extraordinary novelty of a game soon to come, and for those to come after. Things like these shouldn't be hindered and shunned, shamed, and scolded for trying to be different, or even trying to be right in a sense. Modern Warfare needs to be what gamers have craved all these years, and in most aspects it will be, but you lose some fullfillment after you have made the final decision to censor all of the miniscule aspects to this wonderful game that we will have the pleasure of playing. So, as my final beg and plead, I sincerely hope you make the leap of faith we all want you to take, and to not listen to these outsiders who really have no clue what they are even talking about. I want this game just as much as anyone, in which I hope I have helped to voice many of those who don't care to raise theirs; let this be a magical experience for us to all enjoy.

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I don't think they're gonna censor an old cod.

This is the forum section for cod 4 mw.


Not cod mw. There is no forum for that one (yet?)

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I'd have to agree with you on that. I'd like infinity wars to just make the game they want to make and keep it how it is 

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