When will the game be patched against the cheats, StrikePack ....

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After testing the game's alpha yesterday, I see that there are always players with cheats, rapid fire, Strikepack who can not do without their manipulated controllers to win. Everyone needs to be at the same level of playability, otherwise it will ruin the game experience, and people who use official game controllers will eventually run away from the game. Please make a patch to remove the use of the shuffled controllers. .
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What cheats? 

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I played a fair bit of the alpha....and I've played a stupid amount of cod during my life.

99.8% of deaths that occur to me are of my own doing (aim, running around a corner etc)

.1% is randomly getting my self flinched domed by the other guy.
then the final .1% i chalk up to a bit sketchy but even then the only thing I can really say (excluding going back to an old old COD like BO1 where the hacks are just there now) is potentially rapid fire semi autos and even then those weapons usually don't have a fire cap so in theory if you could spam it fast enough you'd the same effect.


Having played as long as I have it's easy to figure out if people are doing something pretty sketchy...I didn't come across a single individual that I thought was cheating.

Now his complaints about controllers....look things like scuff controllers are allowed in comp so people will use them here...Personally I don't and never have. Never felt the urge to spend the money on it. most of those people aren't good at the game anyways and it MIGHT grace them with an extra kill here or there just because they have bound Jump/Aim to one single button outside of that better players on a normal controller will still be better.
I'm of the belief that if you tend to think people have an unfair advantage over you, chances are you over estimate your own ability. No one using a scuff controller is "better" then someone who isn't Scuff's have been around for ages now and I still have a 3 K/D in COD so contrary to your thought process they are meaningless in creating good games for people. Only better players could take advantage of them and that better player would have still killed you without it.

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