Why is there only 4 maps in haddcore team deathmatch. Worst selection ever%21 Just give us all TD maps

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Only 4 maps In Hardcore TD. Me and many others only play TD Hardcore. Never so few in history of hardcore have been so few. How hard can it be for you just to add all core TD maps to the Hardcore mode. If I'd new this was gonna be the case non of us would have bought the game. Especially as the first big 10.7gig update has done nothing to address this. BO4 has a huge variety. Sort it out please Activision.

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I Completely Agree it gets boring real fast playing the same 4 maps over and over and over

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I know right..it sucks when there a so few maps for tdm hardcore..me and my clan only play hardcore..and it is verry sad when you noticed that this is happening..on md warfare remastered never had kind off issues
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+1 give us all maps for TDM

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I mostly play TDM 20 but I do my pistol challenges in HC (pistol kills are impossible in core) and those maps do get old but it's the same with other game modes, they need to open the medium size maps to all games.

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