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İnternational Force Recon (İ.F.R Recuiting)

                                                                                   İNTERNATİONAL FORCE RECON

This clan Created for Will be best clan in Call of Duty:Modern Warfare:Reflex(Wii) Servers

Our story:

Year 2003 me and my friends go to take our missions our mission was very hard we was going to destryoy some "WarHeads" Commander said:

-We will hack a OpFor(Enemy) UAV (Radar) so they will not see you in their gps. We will hack the UAV but we ant cut them Ears so they can still hear and see you if you dont move silent you have to be İnvisible if anyone see you your mission will be failed so be careful out there. Now lets get started get ready.  helicopter here will be 15 minutes grap your gear and ready to move out boys.

And the helicopter take us he said will be there 1 hours later so ı relaxed and lean my back. After we land we dont do brifing and just run very fast away helicopter so helicopter too. Heli land fast and flight away fast we run ruun adn run after we came a mission zone we enter to a conflict opfors was closing in fast but something was wrong our 10-15 group only 6 in the group of 15 was fire at enmy the others was just looking to us and after.... Me and my friends do what commander says but he dont do what he said to us he never hack a OpFor UAV and they was know. Yes they was know our object and exactly they havent a object or WarHead bullshıt we just screwed Coz' our guys Shoot us. Me Gen_Nollige and StayShocked we stayed in crossfire between me shooting OpFor and StayShocked,Gen_Nollige shooting Our S.A.S members after ı look him and throw some Flash bang two sides and we made a escaped after we cant foun any ******* food overthere we entered a Woods and our talents and thanks for what we learned in academy we SURVİVED. 1 hours later commander pulled back his Soldiers but we still in the shıt Coz' OpFor soldiers was searching for us i pick up my MP5 and speak with StayShocked And Gen_Nollige:

-Guys we cant just runaway we have to hide and destroy them

+Well...we already out of Woods we cant stay warm

-Lets do this

1 Hours after 5 or 7 soldiers was patrolling around our camp and we are just 3 we have to do something silent like a Ghost.. We like a walking shadow first StayShocked Knife the Sniper and radio man too if works gonna wrong they cant will tell to base For Backup and after ı see 3 manon my way and ı stood up my MP5 (With Silencer) aim to the coming from the right side head quickly and ı pull the triger 3 consecutive times have obtained two StayShocked open the radio and start talking but if they a have radioman they will hear a signal and hack our chat and then can found or locations God thanks we take care radioman anyway he said

-Oak... Do u hear me !?

+Yes StayShocked Continue

-Where is the Gen_Nollige !??!

+Not here...I thought he was your side.

-Ooh **** ı think them captured him

+Hell no Listen....


And after,me and StayShocked at the sametime

- S.O.S CALL!!!!......

+Yeaaah now we shıt.  ım trying to locate where it comes from

After 15 Minutes we found location and we found him over by the grass he was shot from his leg and we was really shocked ı thought his dead but he wast thogh son of a ***** and he made it  he shot one of the left and the other one from back he shot him but whıle he shoot he already Shooten so he can just shoot his leg and he hold his self to scream and piss off we take him and we was understand now we have to die Coz' we was know very much thing anout S.A.S so they know we are dead....Just for now.

We are İnterantional Force Recon we are recuiting and we select Elite,Talented,Smart,Quick,RESPECTFUL,Loyal soliders if you wanna enter this clan you have to  this things first.  if you dont have you cant enter sorry. And the 2nd part is Apply.And you wanna apply You have to know english minumum Writing Level is 6 Minumum Speak level is 5.

Apply Format (MUST LİKE THİS)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Personal İnformation




Where are you living?:

Time Zone?:

Are you have a Brother or Sister?:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

Game İnformation



How many kills in COD:MF:Reflex?:

How many hours of play?:

How many other characters in game ?: (İf you have single character say "None")

Have you ever enter a clan? İf you have enter what was it?:

What is your rank and level in game?Smiley Sadİf you pass level 55 fill under this blank and EMPTY this blank)

How many you take a Prestige?: (Prestige mod is unlock after 55 so if you are 55 and under 55 say "No" or you take just once or two Etc. And you pass level 55 say "1 (or 2) times")

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

Behavior information

What is your Hobby?:

What İs Your Fobby?:

Which games do you like and play?:

What is Your English Skills (1-10)?:

Tell us to something about yourself:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                         İF YOU ARE ACCEPTED

ATENATİON ! if your apply is accepted just copy and paste this part

And the 3rd and Final step is Happening in game we entering a Test match and some tranings so if we are dont friends yet fill this blank:

Your Friend Code: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX.                              Mine friend code(Theoak's friend code):3820-9356-7050.

NOTE:İf you are accepted you must have a skype so if you havent got a skype download and create account. after leave your skype name here mine is :live:taylancelikk                                                       Your is:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

İf you accepted ı will wright it  keep follow  this topic thank for your apply.  Theoak

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