Joining a XBOX clan!

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Probably like most of you, I HATE playing with terrible noobs. I will play all gamemodes except headquarters. If you guys need I will use support killstreaks (UAV, VSAT, etc).

About me:

I'm 13 years odl but I'm one of the best players for my age.

I have a 1.77 K/D

I like to play objective

I mostly use SMGs and the SCAR

I play demol, TDM, Domination, hardpoint, and S&D the most

If you want me to join your clan message me on xbox live! GT: Burned Walnuts

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Burned walnuts you have a deal I will message you tomorrow at 7:00

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Add me GT; RasputinsShaft

All you have to do is play me 1v1 if you beat me your in

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