Modern Warfare Remastered Clans


Whats up guys, XGN (Xiled Gaming Network) is recruiting active players. We are a family based community and have a place for everyone. We are a huge community consisting over 5,000 members. Our website is there you will find our sponsors, what XGN is about, mission statement, etc. To be in an adult squad you need to be 15 years or older, for you younger gamers we have junior squads you have to be 12-14 years old. All we ask is that you have a gamerscore over 1000 and a mic. If your interested in joining feel free to message me on XBL my gamertag is XGN Rescue.

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I sold my xbox and got a new one and I’m looking to get back in clans I was in XGC before with my buddy Michael in advanced warfare 

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Looking tojoin

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