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First off I just want to say that my profile is not banned. I am just posting because I want a question answered about the policy.


This was posted by FalconR6 on a different post:

"It is unfortunate to hear that you have been banned.
Please understand that the discussion of bans on this forum is prohibited
In-Game Reports / Ban Appeals
All reports, for users who violate the, are to be handled in-game. As a result, all in-game related reports are considered prohibited.
Online / In-Game Bans are the product of thorough investigation. As a result, all appeals or attempts to challenge the merit of a ban are considered prohibited.
Kind regards"


So how is Activision handling the following scenerio where a hacker is using a name gernerator that switchs the Hackers name?

I have been in lobbies where this occurs and everyone is pointing fingures at each other leading to reports. Also players are prideful that they don't want to leave the match because they will not be rewarded points after the match and they certainly dont want to take the "L" because they quit the match. These 2 reasons are why I stay until the match is over to make sure that I keep my points and that I can still try to get the "W".


How is the "team" at Activision handling this? I mean it's a person that is looking at the data and is assuming they have selected the right person of the violation that could lead to the wrong person being selected. 


I attached a image of a lobby that I was in where a hacker using the name generator joined in late and tied the match until I got a double nade and a single kill to win the match. 


PS the links posted from FalconR6 do not work

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