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In this game is too many cheating players acti pls do something with this ;(

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Haven't seen a hacker in years, almost 4 days played, haven't seen one.

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There are some cheaters. Not the (better skill-)"Cheaters", the real ones Smiley Very Happy. I have seen some with aimbot. Wallhack not yet.

But I had more cheaters in other CoDs.


And @Rpg37: you can report them ingame: on PC press F2 (social) > last players > look for the cheater and report him as cheater. Easier than ever before!

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Dude named [removed by moderator] who I ran into, he was using dumb bots. He would play with them , theyd be on the other team, run to an open part of the map, wouldn't bother to aim at you or anyone else, and would essentially fuel kill streaks

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