FPS lag at beginning of the match

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I know this has been discussed to death and lots of people have given lots of solutions.



I used to guess it was becuase someone was too impatient to download the shaders and so the server stuttered while the player downlaoded them live at game time. 

I now have dismissed that idea. 

I have read about it being a gfx card driver issue,  again I have dismissed that too.


What I know for certain.

I usually play Hardcore TDM only.

It doesn't happen an all maps and it doesn't happen all the time, for me it most often happens on Crash and Backlot.


I had a change and played regular Core for an entire evening, and it NEVER happend at all on ANY map so what gives ?? 


Does anyone have any idea what is actually causing this??  Getting killed before I can move isn't nice. 

Would it be possible for the players to create a list of what they have hardware and problems regarding this so records can show if there are some specifics causing it.

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Are you talking about the glitching effect that occurs when players are bumping into each other when running as a group?

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