GERMAN suche Mitspieler für Clanwars (HC)

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Hi Suche leute die Lust auf Clanwars haben mit den PROMOD eintellungen vom Original COD4 und ESL Setting

Natürlich über das Private Spiel


Folgende Einstellungen :


Weapon's Rules
•Banned Weapons:
Assault Rifles:-All ALLOWED-
Sub Machine Guns: P90,Skorpion,
Sniper Rifles: Barrettt.50cal,Dragunov,M21
Shotguns:-ALL ALLOWED-
Light Machine Guns: -ALL BANNED-
Secondary Weapons:-ALL ALLOWED-
•Banned Attachments:No Grenade Launcher/Red Dot/grip/acogsite/ on any weapon silencer allowed(no attachment except silencer)
•Banned Equipment: Depend to the Perks(see below *)
•Banned Perks:
Perk 1: All banned expect Bandolier *
Perk 2: All banned expect Stopping Power *
Perk 3: All banned *
Grenade Rules
1 frag [1 frag each player]
1 Special greande.You can choose smoke,flash or stun grenade.

In game Rules
•Player's jump must be enough to climb on a Bomb
•Sniper ADS is faster than the normal (If tou notice,in the CoD4 default version of the game the sniper ADS was to slow.In ProMod,the Sniper's ADS speed it's like you have the Sleight of Hand Pro attachment of the MW2 but without faster reloading.The reload speed reamains as it is.)
•Killstreaks: ALL RESTRICTED
•Friendly fire: On
•Planting the bomb the bomb is invisible so the player can see nearby enemys while planting
•There is down right of the player's screen the number of the alive teamates and opponents
•Maps Mounted Guns: ALL REMOVED
•Team Number: 5 Players
•Team Restrictions: Max 1 Sniper Rifle Per Team,Max 2 Sub Machine Guns Per Team,Max 1 Shotgun Per Team
•Winning Round: 13th Round
•Switching Sides: 12th Round
e.g / Team 1: Rounds Won 5 & Team 2: Rounds Won 7 .So, it's Overtime - Switching Sides. The first team which will reach Round 13 Wins
•Round Time Limit: 1:45
•Bomb Time Limit: 0:44.3
•Aimming With The Sniper(without holding breath): Scope Is Still (Which means that you do not need to hold any button to keep the scope still.It is always still)
Restricted Maps: Shipment, Wet Work, Winter Crash

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