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Before this I need to say I despise cheats and have since the mid 90's when online gaming started.



I am becoming tired of seeing hackusations all the time from people who are just getting beat by better players. 

This dosn't happen to me so often becuase I am just not that good, but there are a few times I ave had a really good game where I was always in the right place at the right time with the right weapon.

<Rant start>

Important This is in HARDCORE with NO Killcam.

There are a few players who constantly accuse everyone that kills them of "hacking" .

I will not name the biggest accuser but I will place a hint. He constantly says saying like "Are you Stupid" " I am recording this" "Trust me you are about to be banned" and so many other pointelss statements, the most useless being of course the " I am recording this " as it is a first person recording that cannot show anything but HIS point of view so only shows what he can see, in other words shot in the back means he sees nothing but still accuses the shooter of cheating. 

It becomes more difficult to find games now because nobody wants to play with this dumb ass with his haccusations and his constant team killing.

An excelent example was I have been in a game where he accused an enemy of killing him through 3 buildings and instantly screemed about reporting the "Hacker". As I was behind him in the game at the time I clearly saw what happened, he was shot by the enemy guy who was less than 20 paces away from him to the side and slightely behind ( Out of his field of fiew ) with a clean easy shot.

<Rant end>


I fully support the banning of cheats, but I fear this guy's repeatd haccusations and his POV video's which he apparently sends to support 20 times a night will either get through and be ignorantly acted on just to shut him up. Or they will completely invalidate the report process and legitimate reports will be ignored due to this idiot abusing the system with his childish attitude and ZERO evidence.

He is accusing people within 10 seconds of game start.


I understand game recording and I have done it in every game I can since the late 90's with Quake. In fact I have run an Unreal Tournament server since 1999, and  recorded every single game on it since the server side recording mod was released. As a matter of course  game recording is used to replay the games to verify  or not, susupected cheating, but this was usefull recording done with a console command or on server side. ( it had more than my own screen point of view so it could be used as evidence and proof of a cheat ).

All of my client games are recorded where possible too, some may allow full view ( any person view ) others are my POV only, but this is mostly for my own peasure when I pull of that occational perfect shot or have an unbelievable game.


In other COD games there was also inbuilt game recording ( I think Black ops did it first and it followed on to BO2 , it may have been in others too )

Those games got it right, auto record from server side, so a cheat could be easilly idenfified as the game could be watched from every player point of view.

Now COD MWR really needs this added, as then at least a cheat could actually be proven and something done to their account.

Hopefully this would result in less hackusations due to the fact it would actually have a high chance of being proven.

I completely support the game recording and banning of cheats, but the hackuser I am refering to is making players leave lobbies becuase they can't stand to hear his BS constanly.





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It's an online FPS...this will always happen no matter the game

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McGee (current name)

Yeah he's a real troll. Pretty sure he's stroking himself the whole time he's making said video's. Little creep

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Is this guy from Canada? If so I think I have had the misfortune of playing with him before.
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