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Interesting method this player is using. He would spawn a bot that he had named Druul. This bot would run to the center of the map, would not shoot anyone, or would run in another carious pattern depending on the layout of the map. It appeared that he was killing this bot over and over again to complete challenges, camo, banner, emblems, weapons, etc.


[removed by moderator], after becoming annoyed from my questions spawned a bot with my name in it, that would kill me over and over again. It appeared that he had control over the playing level of these bots and their general actions.


This is just a notice for other players to look carefully for players spawning mindless bots, question the possible spawner, and listen in on the "conversation" he conducts with the fellow players.


I attempted to converse with [removed by moderator] bot Druul, who would come in and out of game sessions, but alas Druul was not instantly reactive, or seemed to have a normal personality (for this community at least).


Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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