Lets pretend that developers read the forums, what would you like to add to COD4 remastered

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I would like the ability to type messages to people in lobbies.

I would like to be able to join the first available game instead of starting a new lobby.  At the moment if feels like if you end up in a lobby with 2 or more people and one spot opens on another lobby you miss out even if you have been waiting longer.

I would like to be able to que to join a random style of game, eg dom, sabotage, tdm etc.

I would like to see anti cheat software kick hackers mid game.

I would like to see teams getting autobalanced mid game.  The lack of auto balance makes it almost impossible to join a game if you are in a party.

Dedicated Servers. 

Please sell this game as a stand alone option, to find teams on the pc version I have had to add random people as friends so I can join their games.  Without more people playing this game it is always going to be frustrating and time comsuming just trying to find a match.

Cooperative zombie modes.

A mosin nagant sniper rifle and a side by side double barrel shotgun.

Fix the G3 knifing bug.


Feel free to add more.


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Lol the MWR forums are as dead as the game lobbies(4 hrs with no comments lol). You post something on here to get answers to questions or start a disscussion. All your thread gets are just "views" lol no replies.


As to your comments:

I would like to see anti cheat software kick hackers mid game. (I wish this was in)

I would like the ability to type messages to people in lobbies. (This should have been in from the beginning.)


My own addons

Disable VOICE and Text in the OPTIONS menu.

Add the remaining maps lol I want CREEK!! 

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@kliax wrote:


I would like to see anti cheat software kick hackers mid game.



Would be fantastic, but how will you feel when the anti cheat software doesn't kick people because they are not actually cheating , they are just better players and now you know your pride is hurt as you are not the best player in the world. ( this is not in any way personal so please don't take it personally )


I know there are cheats, but I would guess a huge majority of the hackusations are false and either salt or frustration based. 


What is needed in the game, and in fact every game, is server side recording built in like the theater mode in Black Ops II and possibly Bops 1.

Server side recording allows the game to be played back from any player perspective so cheats can be verified quickly.

Below is an example of how easy it is to use theater mode to verify cheating cnuts  <--( spelling incorrect deliberately )




Unfortunately parties are the problem.

Parties of people stop the games from running because it needs to even things up before it can start.

6 individual players and a game will start with 3v3

Party of 5 requires 5 other people for the game to start.

Maybe the answer is for the game should split parties automatically.


Auto balancing mid game would be great for when people rage quit and their team becomes 2 VS 6, or the ability to switch teams manually to even things up ( like we could in COD4 ), but limit the team swapping so players can only swap to a team will less players.


Dedicated servers are never going to happen as it will allow the game to live longer than the devlopers or activision want it to.


You can join recent players games without having to add randoms as friends.


This game is modern warfare, not WWII warfare , the Mosin nagant has no place in modern warfare.


What is the G3 knife bug ?   I never use a knife so I have no idea what it is. 

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I have been playing for a long time, I dont make hackusations lightly.


Part of the lobby problem is with so few games happening only a few spots are available at the end of the round when people leave.  If 2 people leave and you are in a lobby with 3 people it wont join any of the 3 people waiting.  A que would work better if they wont give us dedicated servers.


The game has an MP44 and the M14 both from the WW2 era, I dont think a Mosin Nagant would be that out of place.


G3 knife glitch, with the silencer the knife doesnt work right, you get a random delay before they die, sometimes you lock onto them and follow them around.  Its annoying.


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