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Typically, you would expect a game that came out ~5 years ago would have matchmaking issues and difficulties. As it turns out, this game is having these problems as of now. I can barely find matches (I found my first today :]), and at the same time, my NAT is open. i've been trying to join a TDM game as well, which claims to have 92% of people on it. I don't know if it is from needing the map pack, or the fact that i live in florida. either way, this game seems slightly dead. If it is DLC, then try adding a feature so you can confirm that you had the map pack in CoD4. if not, then i guess im waiting 2 years like in MW3. (I'd like to note that my computer is below the recommendations, but meets the requirements. this may or may not have a factor into the matchmaking.)

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