Players need new way to earn currency.

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The player base of this game is not big enough to be able to play a match online. There is no way of earning points to unlock multiplayer stuff. Playing a private match against bots needs to earn the player something. If not "Depot Credits" then "Parts" currency atleast. Pls. Man Sad

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In a few weeks they are meant to be selling this game as a stand alone game.  Hopefully they dont price it so high no one buys it.  If they sell it at a good price more people will play and finding a match will be easier.

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And Surprise the Game is Dead. At least if you want to play something other than TDM or Hardcore TDM. I agree with OP that we need other ways to earn Depot Points. But i don't hold my Breath. Just got Temp Banned because i boosted. I know boosting is wrong but you know what is more wrong: Locking new Weapons behind a Somewhat-Paywall called Loot Drops. And this now has effectively become a real Paywall because you can't earn Drops legally anymore unless you wan't to play TDM and Hardcore TDM for the rest of your Life or buy them with Real Money. And i hope the when my Account gets unbanned that my unlocked Supply Drop Weapons that i actually Paid for (boosting only got me 1 Rare Supply Drop, the rest i actually paid for with COD Points wich i am more ashamed for than boosting) are still there !!!

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