Please do something about it

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Hi, as the title said, PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.


1) add the dedicated servers with the browser list just like the original CoD modern Warfare. And you will see how many players will buy this game!


2) 75 as score limit in TDM mode is really least 150...


3) set as free map Killhouse, force peolpe to pay again for 1 of the most famous maps of Cod4 is really ridiculous and it's really an insult to the cod4 players community.


I know that you will not even answer me (support/devs) but...if you don't fix those things, the only thing you will have is lose your face to the players community. You can't bring back a huge game like Cod4 and do all of those mistakes

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They wont add dedicated servers as the build the games for console, pc gamers are an after thought.


Best we can hope for is  improving on the broken lobby system.


Half the time I cant join a game that has friends in it, I get an unable to connect message.  I have to randomly que and hope for the best.


Being able to type to people in a lobby, que for more than one game type at a time and join the first available one.  Lower the minimum 6 players.  Add auto balance.  Allow parties to join games with the available space, at the moment it wont join parties into a playing lobby because the auto balance wont balance the teams.  Relax the "best experience" requirements, I play in New Zealand, not enough people here play, I can wait hours before joining a game.


But they havent fixed any of these things yet, I doubt they ever will.

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