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I own every call of duty game released on PC from cod classic up to this game. Every single game i have had fine mouse input with the exception of some mouse acceleration in games such as Advanced Warfare. I thought that the ghosts port was bad but my god raven your game has got to be one of the single worst ports for a PC game in recent years. For starters crash still has insane lag when the game starts up, the frame rate drops seems to be fixed, the scopes cross on snipers are blurry when you first zoom, you have disabled the console so we cannot manually edit anything that may have broke such as crosshairs dissapearing like we could back in cod 4, you have removed dedicated server support and mod support like in cod 4 also. I could forgive all of this and still play, however when your port is so incompitant that the mouse input doesn't even work properly then why are you even bothering making a PC port. There is quite clearly mouse deadzone in game where if you move your mouse really slowly, the game doesn't register it as movement and when it does register it is quite clearly skipping pixels across the screen. I have tried this with vsync on, vsync off, high dpi low sens, hi sens low dpi, windowed, windowed borderless, fullscreen, smoothmouse on/off. This IS an input problem with mouse and keyboard because when plugging in my controller I have none of this deadzone. And no I'm not just going to play with my controller, i bought it on PC to play with mouse and keyboard. If i wanted to play with a controller, i would have bought it on my xbox. You are the only company that has messed up this badly on a PC port and considering you made call of duty: Online which has a magnificent port (yes i have actually played and tried it) it baffles my mind and just comes down to you being lazy. Not to mention the fact that i can't turn raw mouse input on as it's not even an option in the mouse settings and when I go to the config to edit it manually (something that has been very possible in previous call of duties for options not being in the menus) it looks like this: rubbish.pngModern warfare Remastered's What the hell is that supposed to be, that doesnt help me find the cg_rawinput "1" setting at all since its all still in hexidecimal by the looks of things.

Even call of duty ghosts config file was easy to edit as it looks like this (something your game should look like):rubbish 2.pngCall of duty ghost's

Infinity wards recent game 'Infinite warfare' has also done the same thing with the config that you have making it nearly impossible to read, the only difference is in infinite warfare they actually give you every possible option you would want to edit ingame in the options menu and therefor you wouldn't ever need to go into the config to modify everything. You have literally made a worse port that infinity ward (new) and that is saying something considering their track record of shocking ports from MW3 onwards.


I have had this game since it was released, I have waited multiple monthes now for you to fix this mouse input yet you are more interested in adding in supply drops and microtransactions than you are fixing your game. Sort the mouse input by allowing us to either edit the config ourselves to sort it or do what IW has done and put the options in the menu itself. I can provide full Dx Diag report if needed.



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