The amount of cheating on this game is insane.

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I just built a PC about a month ago, first gaming setup. I spent the extra cash to get the Call Of Duty Remaster, and I'm finding out that cheating is extremely common with this game. This is sad because Cod4 was my first online game on the Xbox back in 2008, and I was looking forward to playing this game.

Literally every other game I queue into has someone cheating to the point where the match is unplayable. Even if you're on the cheaters team it ruins it because they will literally take any kill that comes your way. Their aimbots can rarely be beaten, and they immediately know where the enemy is it seems.

Is anything actually being done about this? It's hard to believe that anything is considering the sheer amount of cheaters in the game.

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I filed a complaint with the BBB over the lack of dedicated gaming servers and a server browser. The rep who called me said and I quote "Allowing the community to manage servers was bad. It made them unsecure. By allowing communities to manage their own servers it allowed for a lot more hackers. By having match making it makes the game play more secure and enjoyable"

Dumbest F****ing s**** I've ever heard in my life. That's apparently the lie Activision is telling their employees to tell customers as to why a in 2017 A F****ING PC MILITARY FIRST PERSON SHOOTER HAS MATCH MAKING INSTEAD OF DEDICATED GAMING SERVERS!

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