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What on earth has happened to CoD4 RM? Still no server browser, no 32 slot servers, silly childish reticles,naff camos & stupid meele weapons, supply drops (which WILL turn into pay to win crap), no ping, no idea what FOV it's set to, since when has the M16 been a snip[er rifle? Absolutely no recoil on ANY weapon, ridiculous TTK just to mention a few things.


Raven stated when this game was announced that it would be true to the original! My arse! Is Activision that desperate?! They are now milking this dieing franchise of every last penny they can get as they do with every other franchise they get involved with!

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I live in the USA. I reported them to the Better Buiness Bueru. If we're lucky someone will file a lawsuit against them.

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