What a ***** are do you doing Activison? (Hacks)

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For starters, I do not know how the thing will be on consoles, but in Modern Warfare Remastered PC we have serious problems, to begin with you would have to sell the game separate from Infinite, the maximum full rooms I've seen in the week have been 6.
Afterwards, I have found how 3 or 4 hackers and I have reported them all and none have been banned, I put the example of [= D] Wobbled to which I have reported as 2 or 3 times in what I have been playing and I have seen that he continues using hacks, if you do not know how to handle your game, give us back the money to which we have paid 40 euros or more for the Legacy Edition thinking that the MW remastered was going to be better than Infinite and it is much worse, like I said I do not know how Will be the situation in consoles, this game can be very good and everything you want but has no VAC and I'm up to the balls.

In short, if anyone sees this post before buying the game I warn you that if you buy it you will throw your money out the window, because on top they make us buy a "good" game with one of ***** they do not know to control this even having some 100 people playing regularly
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