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The players on PC is so low wtf and forget hardcore - FYI peeps HC is the way the game should be played.

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dunno bruh i get matched with yanks and im in OZ and people will play how they want to lol easiest way to make some cash is SC!

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The fan base on PC is dead because we were promised dedicated servers, with a server browser and all that good stuff, and what we got WAS A CONSOLE PORT WITH MATCH MAKING.

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There are more people playing pokemon than this piece of crap console, money grabbing port!

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Let's not forget, they also decided that people who got it through Steam can't play with those who got it through the Microsoft store.  What kind of sense does that make, they're both on PC....

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I was about to buy this gaming.... but after that....

CoD4 was so good because the online.... promod and so on.... what is this crap?

cod is dead
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Mouse input crap makes it unplayable for most. Thus noone is playing.

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