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Out of the four Modern wafare games that exist right now which was your favorite? I will list some things each game included 

Modern Warfare (2007)- The first modern call of duty game was Call of duty 4 which introduced the main characters of the trilgoy ( Price and Soap) into the campaign which told of a cicil war in Russia in which various teams (British SAS and U.S. Force Reconnaissance Marine) battle Al Ashad and his boss Imran Zakhaev. The multiplayer ontrodudced various modern weapons and gadgets the player uses to battle other players. The variety map pack included 4 new multilayer maps for players.

Modern Warfare 2 (2009)- The campaign continues from the first game as Cpt. Soap MacTavish is enlisted into Task force 141 a team led by General Sheppard (a task force that also fronted the US Rangers) that hunts down Vladimir Makarov leader of the Russian Ultranationalist party. Multiplayer introduced new maps and some more modern weapons and new scorestreaks. Two dlcs introuduced various new additions to the game the first stimulus included 5 new mp maps (2 remastered maps from MW1) Resurgence included 5 more mp maps (2 being new remastered MW1 maps) Finally MW2 included Special ops a mode of mini missions during the campaign. 

Modern Warfare 3 (2011)- The third MW game campaign takes place after MW2 as two teams Task force 141 Disavowed alongside Delta track down Vladamir Makarov who has been leading the Russian Ultranationalists in terroist attacks around the world. Multiplayer introduced new weapons and new scorestreaks into the game and even brought back special ops. The DLC brought 5 new mp maps into the game.

Modern Warfare Remastered (2016) - a remaster of COD 4 brings back the original campaign story and introduces old and new weapons for MWR it is the first Modern warfare with supply drops that give players bonus weapons, camos and more. The Variety map pack brings 4 mp maps from previous MW games and even 10 rare supply drops for MWR.

So which MW game was your favorite and why?

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