Game is unplayable with the current time to kill.


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This game is unplayable. There NEEDS TO BE a patch on the time to kill. I have been killed by 1 bullet idk how many times and it's frustrating as hell! YOU SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO KILL ANOTHER PLAYER WITH 1 BULLET TO THE BODY, PERIOD. Making this post as a heads up to anyone who hasn't played the Multiplayer yet.


If you do not run Stopping Power you will not get many kills, and will get destroyed by everyone who runs stopping power. If you run Juggernaut over stopping power it will take 3-4 bullets to kill anybody and will only take them 2-3 if they use Stopping Power. Basically.... Stopping Power is OP as hell and it makes the normal core games play like hardcore. If yu turn a corner and a guy with an M16 is pre aiming it you're dead, no questions, no chance. The game is so unplayable right now it absolutely needs a patch, it's garbage. Increase the time to kill, make the game fun. If I wanted to 1 burst everybody I'd go play hardcore.

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this needs to be addressed to balance the game.

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I have 1000s of hours dumped in the original on multiple platforms, know the game in and out. This remaster might look like MW but it's not. Everything is hardcore right now, I get dropped before I can even go ADS, physics and weight of grenades and throwables is off from what I remember as well. I'm the first to admit when someone gets the jump on me and kills me legitimately, but these kill cams are just absurd. I'm sure netcode from 07 is much different than it is now, but ***** this is straight unplayable. As gassed as me and friends were to dump hours into this everyone fell off after a few matches of this nonsense.  

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Cant disagree.  I know they wanted to keep the gameplay like the original but a lot of things have changed in 10 yrs.  connection and hit detection is so much better now it doesnt play the same.  I dont play HC for a reason.

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i hadnt noticed..but im better at dying than killing anyway!!!

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I agree on all you said! its more than frustrating right now....

It feels like hardcore....and thats simple wrong! Pls fix that right away.

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Definitely feels like playing hardcore, what ashame please fix

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I honestly don't see a problem with it. Don't complain and adjust. Work on being quicker and run some aim exercises against the AI. There are things you can do to improve. I personally love it. Played a few more hours of it than IW atm
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I only ever played hc core would really frustrate me but playing core on this is great 

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Stopping power has always been the king perk in CoD4. Your're probably dying fast because of m16 spam

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I am a quick scoper (yes hate all you want) and this really makes it extremely hard to even snipe normally as the scope is slower then the gun and im dead due to lag because of this. I also have fiber internet so my connection is not an issue, just the game. Need to change the health setting in the game playlist, that should not require a game patch unless you can not live update the playlists.

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I would like to join your clan i do MLG/UMG and if i have to i will try out

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