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I just bought CoD IW just to play CoD MWR and i am running into problems that are frustrating. When i redeemed the download code for MWR it asked what to download first; ONline or singleplayer. I chose online and after it downloaded it opened the game i followed the prompts to go to multiplayer and then it told me i can't play multiplayer until single player is downloaded. so once again i followed the prompts and went to download the single player campaign. it still wouldn't let me play. So i figured maybe if I popped in the IW disc and downloaded the update data for IW it should work. NOPE. I load MWR back up and it tells me i can't play until the download finishes. the only thing i see is a green bar in the middle left part of the screen that is half full and not moving. i have no idea and it really is frustrating. my internet download speed is fast and it has taken over 6 hours and i can't play. please help me.

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