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Hardcore Respawn

A quick one really regarding respawns in Hardcore gameplay. 

Since the Timer got removed from Respawns on HTDM, I've noticed that there seem to be a lot more Spawn killings. One of the reasons Modern Warfare was so popular was because of the more tactical, slower gameplay - and since the timer has been removed, it has become a lot more common to respawn, only to die again straight away.

Also, since the big update in the last week or so, where the Respawns were meant to be fixed, I've noticed they're even worse now than before hand. And I'm increasingly finding the game, more and more unplayable.


i am suggesting and hoping that this message will get through to the powers that be, that then, they can reintroduce the TDM respawn timer, even if it's just for 5 seconds, and to once and for all sort the respawns out, because, if not, I'll be leaving Call Of Duty for good, and I'll play Battlefield, all the time instead. I'm an avid Call Of Duty fan, but, I'm losing faith in the way the game is being directed these days. 


Does anybody agreed with all of the above? I am interested in everybodies thoughts on the matter.


thank you everybody - Redmen1987

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