How many player still play MWR on PS4 ?

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Hello guys, I just wanted to ask u. If somebody know how many players playing MWR on PS4. I loved CoD4 and I thinking about buy that on PS4 now but dont know if its good idea. Because I dont want to spend money to Game where I can play only Singleplayer... Anyone knows ?


Thanks guys

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In core you can always find a game of tdm, kc is unfortunately hard to find a game for.  The rest I don’t know, hopefully someone else can answer that for you. 

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Thanks for replay Smiley Happy

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I bougt the game 2 months ago and I play everyday with lots of players.

The thing I dont like is that some ppl play with bots... thats not good.

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I do.

Spent money on a map pack that hasn’t come up to okay for at least 3 months. Acitivision duped me out of my money.
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ya boiii yopu ever wanna play my gt is @SuicidalSativa im usually online 

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The popular game modes are easy to find matches in. Some of the others like Kill Confirmed and Sabatage I usually only find one or two lobbies. And I have yet to play a single game of headquarters.

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