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In my opinion i say that mwr is dead. Why?. Becuase there is no new content in the game such as halloween 2017 event and winter crash 2017 event. This make me feel like the game is dead and left behind for a new game. Sorry for my english im not from us or britain.


What is your opinion about this topic?


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Well thats trure, becuase the Dev team gives sh** about players they just take our money and make another game the whole team is working on WWII i guess, we cant do anything but type to these lazy devs and they will shovel our information up there a**hole, you know why theres no more players, OPTIMIZATION killed this beautiful game, if the would work awsome like in the trailer there would be 4x more players but like I wrote they dont give a single fu** about this game which is sad, i talked with an ambasador which was stupid cause he didnt got my point that this game needs a "refresh" he said "we cant force, players" hahaha what a dumb answer...

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Not only is there no new content, but almost nobody plays the ***** game. What a shame. At any given time I can usually only find 1 KC lobby, and I haven't found a Sabo or HQ lobby in forever.

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No problem finding games on tdm. 

I still find mw far better than the last 4-5 games even if it's just the one mode tdm.


I live in New Zealand and kiwis could fill the lobby on their own no problem but the matchmaking is very, very poor, we end up with guys from French Canada and South America to name just a couple of countries. Makes for a very disappointing laggy experience at times.

Activision and devs fault not the players who get grouped together from around the globe through no fault of their own, I know it's happening on ww2 also. 

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