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Hello every this is the FPS clan recruitment page.
To start off FPS stand for First Person Shooter if you did not know.
second this clan is just to have fun in pubs we may do GBs and other things but mainly just having fun in PUBS.

5 things you need to have to join.

1.Mic that dose not suck
2.Be active play more than 2 days a week
3.KD of 1.25 or higher
4.15 Plus year old
5.Don't rage too much

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Hey would love to join!


My IGN is YouGotSlade48 if you wanna add me. 


I look forward to your reply.


Im 16 with a KD 0f 1.00

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Hi! My name is Caleb, I'm 18 and am looking to find good group of people to play MWR with. My PSN is AlphaVeracity if you'd like to add me!

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Hi, I am also looking for players to plays with on all maps (DLC included) HC TDM. add me fyu want. BELEGUE420. bye

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