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Just started playing after CoD4 being included in PS+ but it's laggy as hell. Is this just a lack of UK player base or is there something on the PS4 version/console preventing a good gaming experience?
The in game system info says my NAT is open and bandwidth is 4111Kbps, which seems incredibly low for my broadband but it won't go any higher.

On the original I'd played up to 10 prestige and was normally near the top of each game on a far worse internet connection - on this one I apparently can't hit a cows arse with an RPG.
I appreciate I might not be so good as before but the kill cams and hit detection doesn't add up. Putting half a clip into someone but getting one hit killed in the leg by snipers or juggernaut runners isn't making much sense.

Lack of player base meaning I get long distance games? Poor game? Something I'm missing on the PS4 settings?

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Your internet connection is too good. Matchmaking makes the lowest (worst ) connection the lowest common denominator. What this does is throttle everyone's connection down to their (the worst) connection. With this comes flutter (lag) due to the throttling. I don't want to hear about lag compensation on this game. It's quite obivious this is the case.

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