shipment and double XP permanently

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Okay guys, the game has been out for 965 days and with the release of Modern Warfare coming up later this year, it only seems right to make Remastered have a shipment 24/7 lobby and double XP be permanetly unlocked for the rest of its lifespan. This would bring back a lot of players to the Remastered game and bring a lot of hype to the realease of the new game. If it is not to much to ask for, could we maybe get double depo credits and salvage parts, just because it's very difficult to unlock new guns and other items in the Depot. Pls and Thx.  :-)

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not difficult at all dont buy in every category (lion strike copperhead wolf) buy just one continuiously eventually all you get are duplicates which turn into the gears you can use to purchase whatever you prefer then you just buy from that specific one always and save up to buy\unlock the specific items you want I've unlocked every gun besides two of the pistols which i don't care to unlock and haven't spent a dime on cod points to do so

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